S.N.O.B. Down Day

Thursday glorious Thursday, my day off. I could do what I wanted all day and not just at the tail end of the day for an hour before I have to go to bed. I spent the day touring Ft. Sumter and the USS Yorktown, which is the ship my brother Lynn served on. After those fun times I decided to hit a spot I had been told to hit for lunch. S.N.O.B. which stands for Slightly North of Broad. Funny little play on words me thinks.

This place is probably the neatest looking place I have eaten since I have been here.  Its got an open kitchen which I always like. I like to watch the goings on and keep track of what they are doing to my food. I am hitting this place during lunch time which was the recommendation from the Lucca Ladies. I take a couple sly pics and then the waiter shows up with a grass pail of hot corn bread.  Corn bread is a fantastic measure of a restaurants abilities because good corn bread is really hard to make and even harder to keep fresh and warm all day long. Most of the times its crumbly and dry but this was pretty good, probably not the very best I have had but I would give it a solid 7.75 on the CB richter scale.

I didn’t have a powerful hunger in me so I stayed away from the heavier looking menu items and decided to go for the seared tuna. As you can clearly see, it arrived cooked perfectly which is to say, barely. Really with tuna, you just need to get it somewhere near the stove, throw sesame seeds at it and bring it to me. As good as it was, I really think my favorite thing on this plate was the house made kimchi.  It was fantastic. The little pile of pickled cucumbers and scallions were good too. I rewarded my lite lunch choice by having carrot cake for desert. Hey what can I say, its early in the day and I am not eating dinner!  CC was just OK. I have definitely had better.

Anyway feeling pleasantly plump I walked outside only to see this in front of me. What a find! My breath reeked of Wasabi and I was totally out of gum. I figured they leave this there as a public service to people on the street with terrible breath.