Professional sports, you can keep them

This is hastily written but as my good friend Roger brought this up this morning and as this has always been a fiery ember burning in the pit of my soul since childhood, and since the rumor is that the Seahawks have somehow made it to the playoffs this year, its time to rant, Cleland style.

First off lets get this first part of out the way, fuck professional football. There I’ve said it. And while I’m at it  fuck baseball and basketball as well.  I think the three of them combined embody everything that is wrong with America.  We are more than willing to shell out millions upon millions of dollars to watch overpaid sports figures run around the field, but when it comes to say funding education, something that might just HELP our kids and ultimately society as a whole, well that’s another story.

And while I am at it, let me hop on all the parents that are more than willing to take little billy to practice 5 nights a week and take him to games on the weekend in hopes of breaking the zillion to one odds that little Billy will make the big time and make them all rich, when if they would spend that same amount of time teaching little Billy to read or become amazing at math and science, our country would be producing record amounts of scientists and the like, instead of what is going on now, which is NOT producing record amounts of anything. Except maybe boatloads of future McDonalds employees. I would wager a guess that most 13 year old boys could tell you what job a quarterback does on a football team but could not tell you who our governor is.

Every parent that has ignored their child’s education in exchange for helping them be sub par athletes (the reality is, most of your kids suck at sports anyway), you’re fired.  Now this isn’t to say all parents do this. I happen to have a close friend who’s kids are in sports and she is very active in her kids school and I think her kids do pretty well. But I think this is largely the exception to the rule. Most of my friends that are hoping little Billy makes the big time, are creating the next generation of Fox News watching idiots.

If it were up to me, I would not let any kid play any sport without at least a B average in school. Can’t make the grade, tough toodles. Want to know what else needs to be done. I would tax everything professional sports related at 25% and that money go directly to education. Want to pay $100 dollars for a seat to watch the Seahawks? Great, $25 of that will go to the state education fund. Parents that love their HS sports will love it too because the schools will have more money for those programs as well, as long as your kid can hold his or her B average that is.

Its sickening how little people care about education in our country. If you can tell me who the kicker is for the Seahawks but you can’t tell me the three branches of our government, you’re a big giant example of why this country is known for its ignorance.

So this weekend when you think about sitting down with little Billy and watching the big game, consider not doing it. Take little Billy for a hike, or take him or her to the zoo or the aquarium or maybe even really do something out of the box and read a book with your kid. Instead of going to the bar and plunking down 30 bucks for beers and nachos to watch the game, send that money to the local school district and tell them to buy books with it. Trust me, your child and every other child will be all the better for it. And the next time people are bitching that our education system is broken, you can say you actually DID something to try and change that.

OK off my soapbox now.