39 Rue De Jean Day 9

by woodenunderpants


As is starting to be my pattern, I arrived back at my hotel at 6:30pm last night with two equal but opposing forces working upon me. The first was utter exhaustion from working for 12 hours straight, which in and of itself would not be that big of a deal, but this work involves the sitting or standing in one spot for 12 hours and writing down numbers.  This “work” is incredibly taxing on my soul. It feels as if I am sitting with tablet in hand and Sears power vac in my ear, removing every ounce of soul I once had. Some might argue that said soul was devoid of any value anyway and therefore is no great loss, but I contend I need this soul for drive to live and eat, eat… Oh yeah! I was going to talk about eating and hunger. Hunger is the other force pulling me and as hunger can really get the best of any other force acting upon a person. I decided to continue my quest for culinary greatness instead of going straight to bed.  Anyway I pulled out the now mounting list of waitress and Lucca friends recommendations and start going through them to see what looks good. I thought about McCradys but that is clearly a dress up and make an evening of it type of place and is highly touted as the best restaurant in Charleston. I don’t doubt this as I see the menu looks fantistic and I also see that chef Sean Brock is bucking for a James Beard award. Just to be in the running for that, means you are the at the very least as good as me in the kitchen! HAHAHAHAHAH  OK sorry. I will save MCcradys for my one day off so I can get all dolled up for my solista cena. On my lists I came across 39 Rue De Jean and get online to view its menu. The place is french, duh, and as I am sitting there the menu opens and as it does my eyes lock on to the Roquefort Fillet. In the space of about .39 (Rue) seconds I have seen the dish, made the decision, and heading for the door.

I arrive there and unlike the other places I have been to here in Charleston, the waitress takes pity on me and places me in a corner. I have not forgotten my camera this time and this table will be better for taking photos, which is always uncomfortable in a nice place. As soon as I sit down I start to take a picture and the waitress walks up and gives me the “what are you doing” look. I tell her I am nuts and to just ignore the camera for now.


I have seen the wine list and have spyed a Malbec. You know I love Malbec and chose a Zucchardi “Q” , Mendoza, 2003. Next I needed a salad, I had read that the Mesclun Salade (you know its going to be good when they spell things with an extra E on the end of the word) with baby greens, candied
nuts and aged red wine vinaigrette and French Goat Cheese was popular so I ordered one of those. Goat cheese is a little like bacon in nature, in that anything it touches becomes pure goodness. The light dressing, the candied pecans and goat cheese combo was A MAY ZING.


You already know what I chose for my entree. I chose the Filet Roquefort with Frites, and as much as I would like to tell you it was great, it wasn’t. It was good, but wasn’t great (Much like the complete bomb of a photo I took of it). The lamb chops from La Fourchette were great, this was just good.  I can’t believe I am typing these words but there was actually too much cheese on the steak and it really over powered it. There was also red wine based demi glace sauce on the plate, I know the French love their sauces but Roquefort and Demi Glace combined are too much.  I couldn’t even taste the meat. I found myself scraping all the cheese off just to find the meat. The fries were good and maybe they could have used the cheese instead, ala The Majestic Cafe.


Desert on the other hand WAS great. I ordered the Dark Chocolate Pate with dark chocolate cream, creme anglaise and raspberry coulis. I love cream anglaise. When I was on that goofy protein diet I used to make this stuff when I was jonesen for sweets as it is just egg yolks, heavy cream, vanilla beans and sugar (I used artificial sweetener). Sure its heart attack on a plate but I figure if the french can eat this stuff all the time and have a low instance of heart disease then clearly its OK. And oh man was it ok.  You could smear this desert on a dead road cat and it would be delicious. I mean just look at it!!!! (yes my photo of it is fantastic also:)  Anyway I rolled out of there 60 in change poorer and 60lbs and change heavier but all in all it was worth it.