La Fourchette Day 4

la fourchette

As it was my 3rd day working 12 hours, I decided to take the night off from going somewhere and just have Soup in my room (yes there is a place in the grand scheme of things for Campbells Soup, albeit a small place) and resume the quest for fine food on night 4.

Night 4 came and though tired as hell, I decided to take waitress Emily’s advice and go to the French restaurant La Fourchette. The street where LF is located was busy on this night and I had to park about a half mile away. It gave me a chance to take in the sights and because it was still 70 degrees out at 7pm, I enjoyed the walk. LF is a small quaint place and seem to ooze a good food aura. I knew from standing looking in the window, that this was going to be good. As I entered the waitress asked “Will there be two of you this evening?” “Not unless you are planning on taking a break and eating with me” I thought. But I just said no, its just me. Luckily for me all the center of the room spectacle tables were full and I got a wall spot. Like an idiot I sat there I was looking at a HUGE painting of a fork on the wall and as I stared I thought, Hmmm I wonder what La Fourchette means. I hop on the Blackberry to find out. I am sure that I am the only person on the planet that doesn’t know what La Fourchette means but on the off chance there is another knot head on the planet, its The Fork.

My waitress came and after ordering a glass of 2003 Cahors Zette Malbec, told her I was here at the recommendation of Emily from Fig. My waitress here knew exactly who she was. Seems these two restaurants are friends. Buddy eateries as it were.

As with Fig there was nothing on this menu that was going to disappoint me. From the double fried (in duck fat no less) Pomme Frites, to cassoulet to house made duck pate this place was authentic artery clogging french goodness.

As an appetizer I ordered the Coquille St. Jacques, pan seared scallops with shallots and a wine wine cream sauce with little chunks of bacon in it. The scallops were slightly rare on the inside and crisp on the outside. I swear if people weren’t watching I would have picked up the plate and licked it clean. As it was I settled for mopping up the sweet juices with my basket of bread.

For my entree I chose the Cotes D`Agneau Grillees Gratin Dauphinios, which was grilled lamb chops with rosemary au jus, potatoes, garlic, gruyere and cream au gratin and haricot verts. I was given 4 lamb chops which may be as good as held by my previous top lamb chop eatery of Gibons steakhouse in Chicago. These were as tender as meat gets without being pureed in the blender and poured in a glass. They were like little meet lollipops.  I must have looked like a complete idiot sitting there grinning ear to ear chewing the bones of the chops until they were gleaming white and suitable for surgical re-implanting and reuse by ribless baby sheep the world round. Oh and the the Gruyere gratin was gooey and amazing but its not meat so it takes the backseat of goodness.

I was full as can possibly be, but the waitress took advantage of my love of desert by mentioning the Profiteroles filled with ice cream and hot fudge poured over them at the table. There was nothing I could do, I was powerless against its lure. I had read on some review on line that LF had the best coffee in Charleston (which has since been disputed by my dinner friends at Lucca) and to definitely try it. I did in fact. They get their coffee from King Bean here in Charleston and have a special roast made for their restaurant. They make their coffee in french presses and bring the press to your table so you can refill at will.  If you are a coffee connoisseur you know that coffee made with a french press is the best way to make coffee. The last cup being the best.

As with Emily at Fig I asked my waitress for her recommendations for restaurants in Charleston. She gave me a list, some of which were the same as the ones recommended by my waitress at Fig.  I have at least a couple weeks of places to hit. I am going to take a couple days off and think that I will hit a place called Luccas next. Actually I DID hit Luccas next as its already happened and I am behind in my writings.